Conrad Allan

Conrad Allan

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First Name * Conrad
Last Name * Allan
Username * ExtremeProjects
Country * Australia
City Brisbane
Nationality New Zealand


Availability: Freelance


I am a freelance 3D artist that specializes in Architectural and Environment work. My core software's are 3Ds Max, Vue and SketchUp.
I have been working in the industry for about 4 years now but only recently started to do finished rendered images, most of my skills up until now have consisted of fast concept modeling of structures for architects using SketchUp

I find that by using SketchUp in my workflow I can very quickly model the basic blocks of the job and then move it to 3Ds Max or straight to Vue for rendering.
Vue is my environments weapon, although I have a few others, Vue has an incredible diversity with atmospherics and can be easily tweaked to suite clients needs.